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Our parent organization is the Single Action Shooting Society or SASS out of Edgewood, NM – website is SASS is the sanctioning body of the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting and creates and maintains a set of rules to provide continuity among the hundreds of active SASS clubs across the country and around the world. (There are about 14 active SASS clubs in Ohio.) They also sanction the State, Regional, Divisional, National and World Championships. Our sport is unique in the fact that we try to preserve the traditions of the old west and dress in period clothing when we compete. Or members adopt an “alias” for themselves sometimes build their character around that alias. As a SASS member, you will have a unique badge number and your alias is registered to you and you only. We shoot period (before 1899) firearms or reproductions of those firearms consisting of 2 single action revolvers, a lever action pistol caliber rifle, and a shotgun of either a side by side double barrel, lever action or pump action. The competition consists of a scenario called a “stage” usually based on a western movie. There are generally 5 - 6 stages in a match. The shooter shoots his/her guns in a certain order and shoots the targets in a certain order. This is a timed event and a miss will be a 5 second penalty and shooting the stage wrong or out of order results in a procedural penalty of 10 seconds. There are other safety penalties up to and including a disqualification from the entire match. Safety is first and foremost in our game as it should be. Our safety rules are strictly adhered to during the entire match. We primarily shoot in age based categories with further division in shooting style and there are even two costuming based categories. More information on that is in the Shooters Handbook and a link to it is on the "Other Stuff" page. 


One of the things that make Cowboy Action Shooting unique is the people. SASS advertises that you “Come for the shooting and stay for the people”. The friendship and camaraderie like we enjoy are hard to find in any other shooting discipline. You can shoot next to a world champion and he or she will give you tips on how to get better. If you have firearm problems, there will be 3 cowboys lined up to offer the use of their gun/s so you can finish a match. We welcome families and young people. There is no prize money or sponsorships and you shoot only for bragging rights and a category winner’s ribbon. This helps maintain the friendly atmosphere that we enjoy. Yes, there is competition between cowboys/cowgirls but it is not cutthroat. Good natured ribbing is always going on.


History of the Regulators


After putting an ad in the local newspaper, The Brown Township Regulators held their first organizational meeting at the Brown Township Sportsman's Club in Malvern, Ohio in October 2011 and seeing enough interest, the club was formed. The Sportsman’s Club purchased steel rifle and pistol targets, shotgun knockdowns, timers, flags, tables, benches and everything needed to get the club going.

The club’s first combination introduction to cowboy shooting and regular match was held on May 26, 2012 at the club. The Regulators held their first official match on July 28,2012 with 27 shooters. The club affiliated itself in 2012 with SASS with Sandy Creek Jake as club President and Sixgun Seamus as Vice President. The club held regular matches on the 4th Saturday of each month weather permitting. We were able to get in only 3 matches our first year. The club continued to grow in 2013 and held our first “annual” match with the “Shootout on the Sandy Creek” day-night shoot.  We were also able to add some props. In 2014, Sixgun Seamus was appointed as Match Director and our monthly shoot date was changed to the last Saturday instead of the 4th Saturday. In 2015 we were able to add more targets to our stable.  We continue to grow with an average of six matches each year and an average of 30 shooters per match. Come on out and try us out.

In early 2018 we elected a new slate of officers. Flint N. Steele was elected the club president and Bobtown Cooter was the new Vice president. Sixgun Seamus is the main contact for the club. . Buckaroo Bubba continues to serve as our Territorial Governor. Contact info is on our home page and the SASS web site. 

At the 2018 End of Trail, Sixgun Seamus SASS #94002 and Cayenne Kay SASS #96415 were honored by being named to the 2018 Class of SASS Regulators.

In September of 2018, the Sportsman's Club through the diligent efforts of Sandy Creek Jake, provided us with an overseas shipping container placed on site to store our targets and props. We moved out of the club's garage and into our new "home" and will be able to store all of our props in a dry environment.  

In 2019 Sixgun Seamus was elected Club President and Flint N. Steele is vice president and remain to date. 

In 2023 Sixgun Seamus was named Territorial Governor.


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