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Congratulations to our   Friends from Brown Township Regulators   and their success at    2018  End of Trail

Stone Creek Drifter -  World Champion  Senior Frontier Cartridge Duelist

Cheyenne Culpepper - World Champion Senior Gunfighter

Cayenne Kay - 3rd Place  Classic Cowgirl

Baby Doll Blue - 7th place Lady Gunfighter

Raging Thunder - 11th place Duelist

Sixgun Seamus - 13th place Classic Cowboy

Congratulations to our Friends from Brown Township Regulators on  their success at the Ohio State Championship 2018 Shootout at Hard Times

Angie Oakley - State Champion Lady Gunfighter

Calico Mary - State Champion Lady Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter

Cayenne Kay - State Champion Classic Cowgirl

Cheyenne Culpepper - State Champion Senior Gunfighter

I. M. Crossdraw - State Champion Frontier Cartridge

Raging Thunder - State Champion Duelist

Sixgun Seamus - State Champion Classic Cowboy

Stone Creek Drifter - State Champion Frontier Cartridge Duelist

Baby Doll Blue -  2nd Place Lady Gunfighter

Ohio Cheatin Charlie - 2nd Place Frontiersman

Buckaroo Bubba - 4th Place Gunfighter

The Cumberland Kid - 4th Place Cowboy

Clay Pike Kid - 4th Place Buckaroo

LaPorte Lefty - 5th Place Duelist

Krazy Thom - 6th Place Silver Senior

Colorado Coffinmaker - 7th Place Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter

Laramie Leadslinger - 7th Place Gunfighter

Prairie Dawg - 8th Place Frontier Cartridge Duelist

Rope Burn Wright - 8th Place Cowboy

Rye Miles - 8th Place Senior Duelist

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